How Decals Are Made

After designing the logos as a vector using adobe illustrator, the files are transferred to sign blazer as an eps file, this allows me to change the size of the logo without distorting it.

Here's a Relentless logo ready to send to the vinyl cutter.

Computer Design

This picture shows the vinyl cutter which can cut decals up to 600mm wide.

Vinyl Cutter


After the vinyl is cut, we start a process called weeding, this is the process to remove the excess vinyl so that the logo is left.

The vinyl is carefully peeled back.



Any small parts of vinyl are removed using a sharp knife, below the centre of the d is being removed.



The finished decal after the weeding process is completed. The decals now have an application tape applied to them so that they can be removed from the backing paper to be installed on the car, bike etc.



The application tape is rolled on.


The excess application tape is then trimmed by hand.


The excess tape is removed.


The decals are then trimmed to size.



The finished decal ready to be sent out.

Finished logo